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code of ethics

Our Code of Ethics are those of the CAMRT.

While performing professional activities, medical radiation technologists shall uphold the vision of the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) by adhering to the following tenets of ethical conduct.

Patient respect and dignity
Medical radiation technologists shall:

* Treat patients and families with respect and dignity.
* Assist patients and families to make informed decisions regarding care.
* Facilitate the patient’s free and informed choices.
* Provide the patient with an accurate description of all procedures and associated risks in a truthful and comprehensible manner.
* Answer patient questions fully and honestly within the limits of their knowledge and authority/responsibility.
* Participate in the formal consent process by ensuring patient willingness to participate in the procedure.
* Respect the patient’s right to refuse or withdraw from treatment.
* Take steps to ensure the physical privacy of the patient.
* Maintain the confidentiality of information provided by or about the patient, as well as anything contained in the patient record, except as part of   standard therapeutic information sharing within the health care team, or where required by law.

Patient centered care and safety
Medical radiation technologists shall:

* Practice only those procedures for which the member is qualified, or has been properly delegated by the appropriate institutional authority, where the member has the requisite knowledge, skills and judgment to ensure competence;
* Practice only those disciplines of medical radiation technology in which the member is certified by the Association and is currently competent; Incorporate risk management principles into routine practice in order to minimize risk;
* Conduct all procedures and examinations in keeping with current safety standards;
Make use of appropriate professional and institutional mechanisms to intervene when witness to unsafe, incompetent or unethical practice.

Fairness, accountability and integrity
Medical radiation technologists shall:

* Provide care to all regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religious or political affiliation, age, type of illness, mental or physical ability.
* Prioritize the use of resources according to need.
* Utilize and distribute resources over which they have control in a fair and responsible manner.
* Be accountable for their actions and conduct themselves with honesty and integrity in all of their professional interactions.
* Avoid any activity that creates a conflict of interest or violates any local, provincial or federal laws and regulations.
* Avoid exploiting the vulnerability of patients by entering into dual or non-therapeutic relationships.
* Advocate for working environments that support safe, competent and ethical practice.
* Assume responsibility for errors committed and take immediate action to prevent or minimize associated harm;.
* Recognize that while patients must seek diagnostic information from their physician, an impression expressed to another health care professional with regard to the appearance of a procedure or examination may assist in diagnosis or treatment.
* Educate patients, students and professional colleagues about practices and procedures pertinent to medical radiation technology.
* Reflect on practice to promote the development of informed, knowledgeable and safe practice.
* Monitor their performance to ensure continuing competence.
* Contribute to interdisciplinary collaboration and the development of partnerships which contribute to positive patient outcomes.
* Strive to be a role model for other members of the health care team by demonstrating responsibility, cooperation, accountability and competence in meeting the health care needs of the public.
* Participate in continuing professional development, research and the utilization of best practice methods.
* Participate in collaborative problem solving to promote knowledge transfer and exchange, support appropriate decision making and facilitate human resource succession planning.
* Participate in the affairs of the Association in a responsible and professional way.


 We are governed in the province of Prince Edward Island through the Public Health Act - Radiation Safety Regulations. Technologists and therapists practicing on PEI must be members in good standing with both the PEIAMRT and CAMRT. MRTs in the province abide by the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations of the PEIAMRT. Members of the PEIAMRT must work within the Scope of Practice shared by the CAMRT.



mission statement

The Prince Edward Island Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (PEIAMRT) advances and promotes excellence in the delivery of quality health care by fostering contining professional development and growth and by forming partnerships with other allied health professionals.